Boca manufactures and implements aluminium thermoforming moulds from cnc machined sheet, cast aluminum, resin or multilayer according to customer productivity needs (mass production prototype moulds).

Thermoforming is a material moulding technique for hot plastics from plates or films of material
(abs, pe, methacrylate, polycarbonate etc…) in a vacuum, compression or twin sheet.
A wide range of finishes or textures can be made to complete the mould.
It is used in numerous industrial sectors:
food, blister, car, electrical appliances, internal design, etc.
Our thirty-year experience in this sector means we can deal with any project, from developing an idea to engineering a product.
Relying on Boca to have a mould manufactured means using a partner with an in-depth knowledge of the materials and processes, and has the latest technologies to implement them.
Boca has always produced guaranteed high quality moulds that are easy to use.