Boca designs and manufactures moulds in steel, aluminium and resins

with no limitations on size or complexity for the rotational, thermoforming, thermosetting and composite sectors.
All the moulds are fully designed and created internally, ensuring an overall control of the processes and times.


Boca’s flagship is the design and manufacturing of rotational moulds: We can supply moulds in steel, CNC machine milled cast aluminium from solid, or composite moulds for limited production starting from a 3d as simple ideas from the customer


Thermoforming – Boca manufactures and creates aluminium thermoforming moulds from cnc machined sheets, cast aluminum, resin or multilayer according to customer production needs (from standard prototype moulds to mass production)


Boca produces aluminium thermosetting moulds from CNC-milled or cast-iron blocks for the following technologies:
Depending on the customer’s needs, the moulds can be equipped with hydraulic or electric piston opening systems, powered by special control units.
The moulding of thermosetting polymers takes place by compression or injection


Models and moulds for composites are produced
(fibreglass, carbon fibre, kevlar, etc) of any size or complexity, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art CNC milling machines.
Boca can provide full scale models of cars or boats obtained directly from milling machines, thanks to a fleet of up to 6000x3000x2000
Different types of polyurethane or epoxy resins are used according to the requirements.
Our technical department can follow the initial project to develop and make suggestions on how to improve the production of equipment and, as a result, the end product.

Special equipment

using the technologies and materials with which the company has been working for many years, we can produce:
Models and moulds for the nautical industry,
Moulds (shapes or formworks) for concrete casting,
Fibreglass moulds or shape models
Milling templates for semi-finished products with automated piece clamping