Founded in 1971 as a model shop, Boca has unrivalled experience in this field.

Although having expanded into several other sectors, modelling is still the core of the company.

Thanks to the experience of its founders who are still in business and to the qualified staff trained over the years, it can satisfy any traditional prototype work, without constraints on size or complexity.
We work daily with leading companies supplying models for foundries, moulds and models for composites and thermoforming made of wood, resin, polystyrene and aluminium in all shapes and sizes.
The continuous evolution sought by us in this department, enhanced by the possibility of designing from our technical office, allow us to provide high quality products and meet the needs of the most prestigious Italian and foreign companies; all this using the latest machinery and programmes.
The reverse engineering programmes allow us to digitize already implemented products for which no technical data exists, to be able to reconstruct them faithfully or after modifications have been requested.