Boca Srl

Boca works in an area covering 8,500 square metres, of which 4,000 square metres is covered and where around 50 people work.
Founded in 1971 in response to the growing demand for quality foundry models, Boca has continuously expanded its staff, technologies and expertise to meet the ever more demanding requirements of its customers.
In the 90’s, thanks to the extensive know-how acquired in the metallurgical and model sectors, Boca SRL decided to expand its product range by firstly entering into the production of rotational and thermoforming moulds, followed by the design and construction of moulds for composites, making a name for themselves with customers and becoming one of the most important players at European level in a matter of years.

Expertise and professionalism

The use of the latest-generation CNC 5x milling machines, dimensional tests and quality control with photometric scans have made Boca SRL a reliable partner of the most established and exclusive automotive brands
Thanks to the way it is organised, Boca can accomodate the Customer no matter what their requirements, from the initial project right up to the end product.
Boca SRL combines competence and professionalism in the service they provide, together with another essential value: courtesy; a key requirement to fully understanding a customer’s needs and establishing an effective collaboration with him/her to achieve the best results together.

Company Philosophy

Boca has expanded and established itself on the market thanks to its philosophy, which is constantly focused on research, continuous improvement, innovation and the quality of its products and services.
A philosophy strongly backed by the company and made up of all the people who work there, who, thanks to their creativity and dedication, have contributed, and continue to do so, to the company’s success

Customer value

We have always been considerably customer orientated within the company, offering modern, well-structured and effective services, all essential when supplying top quality and top performance models and moulds.
Boca SRL works alongside its Customers from the outset, to satisfy their every need at the various stages, starting with the research and engineering of the product, moving on to providing support at the project realisation stage, via operator training and the transfer of know-how, right up to after-sales assistance. Boca SRL makes use of highly skilled staff ready to help the customer at every step of the way.


Quality control and quality policy

Boca has been structured and has always worked in line with quality regulations both in its internal organisation as well as during the production process in order to offer a high quality product and customer service
The Company Management adopts a Management System compliant with the requirements found in the ISO standard in order to increase company competitiveness through the continuous improvement of products, services and processes.

Certification available for download