Steel moulds

Boca designs and manufactures sheet steel moulds without a limitation on size or complexity, with porosity-free welding and finished with the utmost care.

Each individual detail is designed to make the mould simple and guarantee performance over time

Attention to detail

No detail is left untouched on each mould to guarantee not only high performance and ease of use, but also to ensure they work perfectly over time. Each moving part is transported on reinforced steel ferrules, to prevent it from wearing during its life cycle. Brass moving parts are used when greater thermal conductivity or greater resistance are required.
Complex geometric parts or ones with strict dimensional tolerances are manufactured by milling the steel with a numerical control, which is then welded inside it.
Each handle and each standard component is designed to be easily replaced in the event of wear or accidental breakage
Every detail is taken care of to guarantee maximum productivity.
In order to maximise the functionality of the mould and the yield of the moulded product, Boca manages customised requests and can provide cutting-edge solutions resulting from constant technological research.