Aluminium Moulds

Boca S.r.l. offers various surface finish options for its aluminum moulds.
The most common are:

LS120 (industrial smooth)
MIR (mirror finish)
BRIGHT (bright)
SB01 (sandblasted)
SB02 (shiny sandblasted)
SB03 (crushed stone)
SB04 (finely sandblasted)

SP01 (shot peened finish)
SP02 (glossy shot peened finish)
SP03 (finely shot peened)
TF01 (Teflon finish)
TF02 (glossy Teflon finish)
TF03 (“strong” Teflon finish)

Furthermore, finishes that faithfully reproduce an existing material can be obtained from aluminium moulds, such as wood, rock, aging effects, pottery, leather, etc.

Steel Moulds

LS120 (industrial smooth)
SP01 (shot peened)
SB02 (glossy shot peen finish)

To request further information or to receive some surface finish samples, please contact our sales team.