Boca offers its customers a young and dynamic technical department, supported by expert staff and cutting-edge software programs.

It provides the customer with support throughout the entire product design stage.

The experience BOCA has gained thanks to important partnerships with prestigious companies, together with more than 40 years experience in this sector, makes the technical department very well prepared to study and develop particularly complex equipment.
BOCA can produce high-level projects for the creation of foundry equipment as well as moulds for rotational system, thermoforming or composites of any size or complexity

At BOCA, you can create high-level projects for foundry equipment, as well as moulds for rotational systems, thermoforming or composites of any size or complexity.


We can create three-dimensional images, renderings of details being processed as well as paper drawings to support ideas, animated videos or prototype scale models. Thanks to finite element study programs (FEM), we can calculate any deformations that the finished products will undergo during their use. This allows us to intervene in advance and, if necessary, review the project.
BOCA’s technical department uses state-of-the-art 3D CAD programs, can receive and edit files in every exchange format and the most common native files.
Boca uses its own qualified designers to combine forms and emotions with an efficient and functional project

Finite element analysis

We support the customer in the design of products subjected to forces through finite element analysis programs, in order to analyse the behaviour of the product before it is actually implemented, creating linear static, non-linear and buckling analyses
This means the study of the products can be speeded up, minimising the risk of errors or modifications.
The experience gained in the study of plastic materials, the result of experiments and comparisons between experimental calculations and end result, allows us to clearly interpret the results of the analysis and develop targeted solutions

Reverse engineering

Thanks to cutting-edge photometric instruments, we can perform reverse engineering operations on existing products with no limitation on size
Specific acquisition software means the point cloud (STL) can be reconstructed in a modifiable 3d mathematics, as well as the dimensional control or dimensional deviations of the scanned product with respect to original mathematics